Summer Camp

We believe that summer is a fun time to build upon the knowledge and skills developed during the regular school months. Our Summer Camp Program is designed to be an extension of their foundation in having new experiences and building friendships through fun-filled monthly events and thematic activities and group field trips. Our Mandarin classes will be extended to Summer Program without extra charge.

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Summer Camp Program

Each year, we’re excited to fill children’s summer with school-wide monthly themes, as well as classroom events, community events, water play, and field trips.

In June, we’ll learn about planning a picnic and camping under the summer sun. Each class will have a Picnic Day. All students are welcome to our 4th of July Community Event. Then, we’ll learn about bugs. Lastly, we’ll learn about the beach with Pirate Day and a Luau. In August, we’ll wrap up the summer fun with a Mini Olympics and a end-of-summer-celebration of Super Hero Week. Aside from our special summer events, their day-to-day activities include water days and field trips.