Our Programs

Our Infant Class provides a loving, nurturing environment for children 6 weeks to 18 months. Our teacher-infant ratio is one-to-three. We establish each child’s daily routine with parents. Our staff provides a daily verbal and written communication to parents with their child’s daily progress. Our program includes emphasis on music, story time, self-awareness, and motor skill exploration, designed to stimulate the infant’s development. Infants have their own individual playground to explore, and they enjoy walks around the school in their three seat stroller.

Our Toddler Program includes a variety of activities that build on the toddler’s natural curiosity, and enhance the child’s social development. We include stories, finger plays, music, art and free play. We have a large playground for our children to develop their gross motor skills. Potty training is also an important part of the daily routine for this special age group. Our teachers are very loving and patient during this emotional and physical learning experience.

Our Pre-school children are introduced to early academic skills, and enjoy learning through play. Preschool includes circle time, story, days of the week, colors, shapes, Spanish, ABC’s, tracing alphabet letters, music, art dramatic play, math and science. Our students develop fine motor skills through varied activities, and develop gross motor skills through our fun P.E. and music programs.

Pre-kindergarten students are involved in a year of preparing for kindergarten. Our goal is to help each student reach their fullest potential. We teach the “Phonics Open Court Program” “Math Their Way Program”, Writing skills, Music, Art, Math and Science, Computer skills, Spanish, Mandarin. Field Trips are an integral part of program. We are delighted to have implemented a new narrative curriculum to Joyland. Our children are expanding their learning, language and literacy skills in a more productive way through stories. Through research and exploration, our children are working individually and together, collecting and documenting new learned information in a meaningful learning approach. Children develop fine motor skills through activities within our daily learning centers. Gross motor skills are enhanced on our beautiful large playground on a daily basis, with our P.E and music program.

We provide before and after school and also full time care during vacations for school Age students. We offer busing service between Joyland and public schools. Our school age program provides homework study time, literature, reading enhancement, music, and art, computer skills, math, science, field trips, puppetry, dance, monthly curriculum themes, physical development and outdoor games.

Includes: Dance Class, Kung Fu Class, Bible Class, Monthly Music Concert, Creative Art Studio, Music class and Mandarin Class.

Annual Evaluations: Each child from infants to Pre-Kindergarten receives a yearly Evaluation report in the month of January. Our staff charts your child’s growth and development during the first semester through observation, assessment and documentation. When evaluations are completed our staff can coordinate their curriculum to accommodate their students’ needs for the second semester in preparation for kindergarten.