Inquiry-Based Story Curriculum

Our Story Curriculum uses a distinct learning methodology that engages children with inquiry-based topics that children are enthusiastic about. Reading exciting stories triggers a child’s curiosity to ask questions.

To find answers to these questions, children actively desire to read, to sense, to experience, and to explore. They also spontaneously utilize their language, drawing, writing, body language, and creativity to express their findings. In the meantime, children will be driven to new questions that they are interested in, which leads to new projects of learning and exploration. Therefore, finding answers to questions is the process of self-challenging, self-accomplishing, and problem-solving for children. Children’s questions are raised from stories, and the topics are related to their everyday lives and existing knowledge. In this way, new knowledge is concrete, understanding, and meaningful to them. While seeking answers to the questions, children gain experiences and also obtain problem-solving skills. This process allows them to construct their own “knowledge tree.”

Experience Story Curriculum

Below is an example of how our children learn through story curriculum: Story Little Red Hen
Story Telling
4-year-old Story: Little Red Hen
Story Telling: Teacher encourages children to ask questions and engage in discussions
Kitchen Project
4-year-old Story: Little Red Hen
Kitchen Project: Exposes children to the joy of cooking and develop their fine motor skills
Academically Focused
4-year-old Story: Little Red Hen
Academically Focused: Learning math and language skills through hands on activities
4-year-old Story: Little Red Hen
Exploration : STEM activities exposing children to new ideas and thinking
Dramatic Play
4-year-old Story: Little Red Hen
Dramatic Play: Children develop life skills through pretend play
4-year-old Story: Little Red Hen
Socialization: Classroom environment foster co-operative play and develop social-emotional skills
Extracurricular Venture
4-year-old Story: Little Red Hen
Extracurricular Venture: Learning outside of the classroom on field trips or in local areas
Creative Activity
4-year-old Story: Little Red Hen
Creative Activity: Explore children’s imagination and artistic expression
Story Board
4-year-old Story: Little Red Hen
Story Board: A road map showing children’s learning and development through the month