Toddler Classes
(18 Months-3 Years Old)

Our Toddlers’ day is filled with a variety of purposely planned activities: story, music, movement, outside play, cooking, and art. Our experienced teachers give individual attention to each child to make sure they are safe, happy and also learn at their own pace.

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Low Teacher-Child Ratios

We are licensed to accommodate 20 toddlers, but we allow no more than 16 children under the guidance and supervision of 3 qualified toddler teachers. Children learn and play in small groups that offer ideal social learning spaces and help us deliver individualized attention to each child.

Help With Potty Training

There is no “right” age for learning to use a toilet. Every child experiences this phase of development in their own unique way. Our teachers schedule bathroom visits regularly and also make it fun! And most importantly, teachers give lots of praise for every attempt.

Encourage Them To Use Words

Our teachers model and encourage children to express their needs, feelings, and resolve conflicts with language. “No, I don’t like you hitting me!” and “Can I play with the train after you?” and “I am sad.” When teachers demonstrate, model, and repeat, children learn that their words have power. This supports their sense of autonomy, helps them manage difficult emotions, supports the development of friendships, and gives them the tools to get what they need and want effectively and peacefully.

Structural But Flexible Learning

Toddler-age children require a well-defined learning environment. Our teachers design a routine daily schedule to ensure their physical and emotional safety and security. Teachers also follow their lead to modify the planned activities.

Family Style Dining

During meals and snack times, children sit together at the table in a manner that extends and supports the home environment. They experience meal times as an opportunity to talk and share stories with their peers and teachers in a relaxed setting. Teachers also encourage children to notice different foods and comment on flavors and textures, promoting a deeper appreciation for food as sustenance, and as motivation to try new tastes.