Our Environment

Our center is a children’s place. We believe that the environment itself is a great learning approach for children. We set up the environment from the eyes of the children and at their levels. Our interactive classroom environment is what truly sets us apart and is the main reason why parents and children love Knowledge Tree Children’s Academy. With innovative and interactive skill-building concepts, we have created an ideal children’s learning world and an environment filled with entertainment, educational purposes, and story themes.

Children’s Art Studio

Children learn best when they can do things they are excited about in a stimulating environment. That’s why we’ve created a state-of-the-art Children’s Art Studio for hands-on project-based learning, which is unique to any learning center around. Different from doing artworks in the classroom, children are always excited about their “professional” art project in the Art Studio. Our talented teachers enrich this opportunity and encourage the children to explore their artistic abilities through the bigger group to smaller individual art projects.

Multi-Cultural Kitchen

We live in a diverse environment where children are exposed to many different ethnicities, cultures and traditions. Through this sensory-based interactive learning environment, children have the unique opportunity to make and share real food to help one another understand, appreciate and celebrate one another’s, and their own, cultural and family traditions.

The Library

Through our unique Story-Based Curriculum, we strive to instill the desire for our children to learn through group and independent reading from hand-selected books and resources from the Knowledge Tree Children’s Academy Library. We’ve learned that reading interesting stories as a group triggers a child to read, write and draw to find answers to questions sparked by their rich curiosity.

Homelike Environment

Family is one of our core values, and we create an environment that children can feel at home. Children learn the best when they feel comfortable and belonging. We intentionally design the facilities from the eyes of the children. Our homelike workshops make learning a more relaxed, natural experience. Children develop a sense of responsibility and ownership of their school and their classrooms.

Our Classroooms

Our classrooms are much larger than most of the other centers. We understand children are active, providing more space can stimulate their learning, and encourage better behaviors. Each classroom layout was designed intentionally to meet the different needs of each child. There are areas for large groups, small groups, quiet time, and busy time. Children tend to be more focused and calm when they are in a more organized setting. We use most of the children’s work for display in the classroom so children can be proud of themselves, and also develop a sense of ownership of their classroom. Each classroom has a large floor window so the children can benefit from natural sunlight daily,