Children’s Recreational Room

Based on the theory of Authentic Learning, we have created a Children’s Multi-Cultural Kitchen and a Children’s Recreational Room that no other centers would have. Children will have the chance to show off their bodily autonomy as they develop their ever growing gross motor skills. We encourage children to participate in physical play in a way that supports their development while sustaining their life-long learning of maintaining friendships starting at an early age. This room also acts as a safe way for children to participate in play that they normally would do outside, in a safe and enriching environment free from any harmful environmental stimuli such as smoke, harsh weather, rain, and more.

Discovering Their Abilities

We believe in Reggio’s philosophy of “the hundred languages of children.” Children form their own personality during their early years and they are endowed with “a hundred languages.” Every child has a unique way of thinking and expressing themselves and when given the opportunity to do so, they can gain memorable relationships and experiences that will follow them for their whole lives. Children do independent and group physical education that allows them to learn about their bodies physiology in a meaningful and fun way.

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