Welcome to Knowledge Tree Children’s Academy

Knowledge Tree Children's Academy was opened in May 2015. We offer infant program, toddler options, junior preschool, preschool, and after-school programs. We believe that every child is a born artist, scientist, inventor, constructor and explorer, and we are here to help them express and develop these interests. We strive to create an environment that helps children learn about diverse cultures of the world. We encourage them to learn second languages and to grow and explore with great joy. We are committed to maximizing the developmental potential of each child’s unique character. We kept a low teacher-student ratio to keep the quality of care and education.  

Our story-based curriculum uses a distinct learning methodology that engages children with inquiry-based topics that children are enthusiastic about. Reading interesting stories triggers a child’s curiosity to ask questions. In order to find answers to these questions, children actively desire to read, to sense, to experience and to explore. They also spontaneously utilize their language, drawing, writing, body language and creativity to express their findings. In the meantime, children will be driven to new questions that they are interested in, which leads to new projects of learning and exploration. Therefore, finding answers to questions is the process of self-challenging, self-accomplishing and problem-solving for the children.  

Based on the theory of Authentic Learning, we have created a Children’s Multi-Cultural Kitchen and a Children’s Art Studio none of other centers would have. Children have the opportunity to make food, share food, and experience different cultures through cooking projects in the Children’s Multi-Cultural Kitchen. Children will also have the opportunity to create their art projects and masterpieces.  

♦ Pictures: How we learn through the unique Story Curriculum! 

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