Hands-On Culture Experiential Curriculum

We encourage children to appreciate different cultures and learn through experiencing. Based on the theory of Authentic Learning, we have created a Children’s Multi-Cultural Kitchen and a Children’s Art Studio none of the other centers would have. Children have the opportunity to make food, share food, and experience different cultures through cooking projects in the Children’s Multi-Cultural Kitchen. Children will also have the opportunity to create their art projects and masterpieces in the Children’s Art Studio.

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Multi-Cultural Kitchen

Making and enjoying food is a wonderfully fun way to learn different cultures. We live in a diverse environment where children are exposed to many different ethnicities, cultures, and traditions. Through this project-based learning experience, children have the unique opportunity to make and share real food to learn dining manners and diverse food cultures. It is not just a free play activity, teachers plan it as part of the curriculum, so children are learning with purposes.