Before & After School Classes
(5-12 Yrs Old)

Children have time to study and focus on their homework, enjoy reading enhancement activities, engage in music, movement, and art activities, develop computer skills, take field trips, have fun with friends, and much more!

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Spanish Classes

Once a week, school-age students participate in Spanish classes with our native Spanish-speaking teacher. They’ll enjoy fun and interactive activities that foster their love and development of learning Spanish as a subsequent language. We offer a video-based language exchange program with children in Taiwan so children have an opportunity to practice Spanish with native-speaking peers.

Art Studio & Multicultural Kitchen

Each week, children have full access to our art studio and kitchen space to enjoy a variety of theme-based experiential learning activities. Children learn to follow instructions, collaborate with others, and have fun in a lively social learning environment.

Learning Different Cultures

Each week, using a different country as a theme, children learn about world culture and geography. Some example activities include: making Columbian sombreros, researching famous landmarks in England, and learning German war history. We even discuss how freedom is perceived and exercised in different countries. As a class, we explore and celebrate different people and ways of life across the world.