Phonics Curriculum

Phonics is taught at the Knowledge Tree Children’s Academy as part of an integral part of the reading and language development of the program. Our phonics curriculum is a multi-sensory program that makes children excited to learn. Through many hands-on activities and projects, we’re able to teach children how to read and understand new narratives around them. Our Phonics-based Curriculum is prepared to improve your child’s reading level, spelling and proficiency in language arts.

Vocabulary Development & Articulation

Our phonics program was created to be an enjoyable experience. This approach to learning encompasses every possible aspect to language arts, including vocabulary development and articulation. The introduction to phonics is learned through various dynamics. These dynamics include multi-sensory touch, listening skills, oral-speaking, letter recognition, and kinesthetic moving.
These various approaches with phonics help with a child’s ability to understand, process, remember, use and transfer their cognitive skills to other areas of potential reading, sounding out, spelling, and the eventual writing process in a playful and constructive environment. Phonics practices are integrated daily into workshops and the story curriculum.

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