Preschool Classes
(3-4 Years Old)

At this age, we provide a more structured in a lower ratio learning environment. Our preschool program enhances your child’s confidence and independence by providing real-life and hands-on activities to support their ability to solve problems and enjoy learning throughout their lives in a variety of contexts.

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Self-Help & Life Skills

Through active exploration in Story Curriculum, children find answers to the questions that affect their daily lives. How to dress in different weather? They try to find out Why the Pig’s straw house isn’t as strong as the brick house? What materials that float and sink? Knowledge is only meaning when children can relate it to themselves.

Individualized Learning

Every child learns in their own unique way at their individual pace. We are continually making modifications to the curriculum activities to meet, support, and extend the learning and interests of every individual child. Our curriculum coordinator meets with teachers to discuss every single lesson taking considerations of every single child’s progress and needs.

Hands-On Experiential Learning

Preschoolers use the Art Studio and Children’s Multicultural Kitchen each week to develop big projects that relate to the core curriculum. This carefully designed learning scheme is an intentional branch of the curriculum that supports key learning objectives while engaging children in a fun, concrete learning experiences.

Inclusive Spanish Classes

Three times per week, our native Spanish-speaking teacher delivers practical, well-prepared, and interactive Spanish lessons that capture children’s interest and enthusiasm with props, songs, movements, and conversations. Children always anticipate Spanish classes with excitement. Unlike other schools, there is no extra charge for your child to join this enrichment program.

Potty Training/Toilet Learning

Learning how to use the toilet is a task that often extends into the preschool learning years. Our teachers support each child’s individual hygiene needs and fully encourage children’s development in this area.