Pre-kindergarten Classes
(4-5 Years Old)

Pre-K children enjoy a year of fun and engaged learning in preparation for kindergarten. Through explorative curriculum, hands-on activities, and Spanish classes, children develop good habits, social skills, problem-solving skills that form the foundation for lifelong learning.

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Explorative Story Curriculum

We use stories in our core curriculum to integrate knowledge and subjects. Stories stimulate and satisfy children’s innate curiosity about the world. With the guidance from the teacher, children learn through discovering answers to their questions such as is Pinocchio like me, or different? How does Iceland celebrate Christmas? How can fish breathe underwater? How does the sky make clouds? They spontaneously use language, art, writing, movement, and creativity as tools to express their findings.

Phonics Ready for Kindergarten

Phonics is a major subject in elementary school and we ensure our Pre-k children are well prepared. With fun Phonics practices in rhythms, children can understand how words are formed, and to break them down into individual sounds. We implement phonics practice in the core curriculum and other activities to support children to master their skills.

Hands-On Experiential Learning

Our Pre-K children use the Art Studio and Children’s Multicultural Kitchen each week to develop big projects that relate to the core curriculum. This carefully designed learning scheme is not just a free play activity. Rather, it’s an intentional branch of the curriculum that supports key learning objectives while engaging children in a fun, concrete learning experiences.

Inclusive Spanish Classes

Three times per week, our native Spanish-speaking teacher delivers practical, well-prepared, and interactive Spanish lessons that capture children’s interest and enthusiasm with props, songs, movements, and conversations. Children always anticipate Spanish classes with excitement. Unlike other schools, there is no extra charge for your child to join this enrichment program.