Welcome to Knowledge Tree Children’s Academy

We are part of the Marong International Education Group (MIEG).

MIEG is a professional early education institution that runs schools in both China and the United States. We have 30 years of experience in running early childhood education centers and primary education schools. We have extensive experience in child development research and creating successful early childhood education curriculum.

We devote ourselves to create an environment that help children learn about diverse cultures of the world, to learn second languages, and to grow and play happily. We are committed to maximizing the development potential of each child’s unique characteristics.

Knowledge Tree Children’s Academy was opened in May 2015. We care and educate children from  infant to school age, which includes infant program, toddler options, junior preschool, preschool, and after school programs. We use Story Curriculum as the core curriculum to stimulate children’s problem solving skills and critical thinking skills. We believe every child is a born explorer, a born scientist, a born artist, and a born inventor. We are providing an environment for the chidlren to live their own stories.

♦ Pictures: How we learn through the unique Story Curriculum!