Homelike Workshop Curriculum

All of children’s playing and activities are children’s works. Through organized activities and play, children are constantly problem-solving and building new social skills. Our homelike workshop makes learning a more comfortable, natural experience. By learning through a motivated work and play environment, our children develop goals and a sense of responsibility and accomplishment by achieving a balanced foundation of their own personality.

Group Problem-Solving Skills

When children participate in organized activities and play, they are constantly problem solving and learning in the environment around them. We make it a focus of our homelike environment to teach and learn at a pace that’s comfortable for every child. By providing a safe and homey space, children can more naturally and more quickly absorb the new knowledge around while building upon problem-solving skills both individually and in group activities.

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A Comforting Environment To Encourage Learning

We create a homey workshop environment for children to learn. The purpose is to smoothly relate children’s existing experiences to the group environment at the Academy. Through workshops, children play and participate in activities that pertain to the story-based curriculum. In the classroom, they will develop goals, a sense of responsibility and a sense of achievement through accomplishing a myriad of projects in the various workshops. In the end, these workshops help the children achieve a balanced development of their own personality in a motivated work and play environment.

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