Environment Interaction

The Knowledge Tree Environment belongs to our children and we let them interact and learn in an enriched environment

We know that children perceive the world using their senses, especially at an early age. We encourage children to use their sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell and this is implemented through interaction in a supportive and enriching environment.

The children to interact with the materials around them, and to utilize language, art, body language, and constructive work to express the experiences and knowledge that they have learned.

We encourage children to pay attention to the world they live in. Through daily reading and speaking engagements such as Topic Discussion, News of the Day, My Weekend, My Family, My Experience, etc., children learn to become aware of daily life routines, community and to care about others. These activities also help develop their confidence in a public setting.

We encourage children to appreciate music, pictures and words. Through listening, watching and reading they learn to express their feelings and imaginations.

We believe in Reggio’s philosophy of “the hundred languages of children.” Children form their own personality during their early years and they are endowed with “a hundred languages.” Every child has their unique way of thinking and expressing themselves. With the interactive environment children are stimulated to form their own independent thinking while learning tolerance of other children’s views.

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