Care & Learning During COVID-19

Our polices and procedures change following the guideline of CDC, local health department and child care licensing to ensure children’s  health and safety at our center.

Frequent Hand Wash

All students and staff entering the building must wash their hands after their daily health check is conducted. Throughout the day, all children wash their hands at least once every two hours. Teach children proper coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

In these times, we will go above and beyond with our cleaning practices. We rotate toys so children will only use cleaned and sanitized toys throughout the day and every day. Play structure is sanitized after every use. We have a washing machine on-site to do laundry daily; we have a CDC and WHO recognized ZONO machine to kill viruses with Ozone and Heat effectively. We have a professional crew who clean our center every night.

Face Coverings

All staff members are required to wear masks while working with children. After public school starts, school-age students must wear masks when within 6 feet from others. Parents are strongly encouraged to send their child with a cover if the child is 2 years of age or older and free from respiratory issues.

Center Only Shoes

All children and staff have shoes that remain on-site at our center each day to change into upon arrival. “Center only shoes” are disinfected by staff every week and do not leave the building.

Visits and Tours

Tours will only be arranged by appointment. All visitors are required to wear mask disregard the status of vaccination.  Video tours are also available.

Illness Policy

Any child or staff who has a fever or any symptoms of respiratory infection may not return to our program until they are symptom-free without medication for at least 48 hours and have a doctor’s note clearing them to return. Any person who is exposed to COVID can not return until cleared by a doctor.

Temperature Screens and Daily Health Check

Temperature readings are a part of the daily health check for students and staff upon entry. Any person with a temperature reading of 99.5ºF or higher are not permitted to enter the building.

Confirmed Case and Temporary Closure

If there has been a confirmed case of a child or staff member testing positive for COVID-19, we will immediately inform anyone they have come into close contact with the person, or we will follow advices from the Placer Health Department.


Communication between parents and teachers/school will mainly through Procare Engagement, emails, and phone calls. Parents can contact the school to schedule a meeting with the teacher or director.