Elementary Support Program During COVID-19 Pandemic
(5-12 Years Old)

School-Age Childcare Hours: 6:30 am-6 pm full or half-day.

We provide care and help school-agers with online school so parents can have their lives back.

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Large Classroom with Limited Capacity for Social Distancing

We limit only 15 students in one classroom. Each of our classrooms is 900-1000 square feet, which allows students to practice social distance and to enjoy a variety of activities.

Extra Learning Space for Quiet Online Learning

We have extra rooms in the building that allows students to have a quiet place to take their online classes without the interruption from other students.

COVID Preventive Policies to Minimize the Spread of Virus

We have strict COVID-19 policies in place for parents, staff, and students to follow. The facility is cleaned and disinfected daily and weekly by both our staff and professional disinfection company. Learn more about our COVID-19 Preventive Policies.

Low Student to Teacher Ratio Providing Academic Support to Online Learning

Each School Age Classroom will have at least two teachers to help with online-learning schedules and academic needs.

Differentiated Learning for Upper-Grade Students and Lower-Grade Students

Upper-grade elementary students will need to spend more time on virtual elementary school while lower grade students spend less time or no time on virtual elementary school, we design our programs to meet the different learning needs. The younger students learn through our Project-Based Story Curriculum, and older students focus more on their online classes.

Mandarin Classes

Mandarin classes will be continued in the Fall taught by our native Mandarin-speaking teacher. They’ll enjoy fun and interactive activities that foster their love and development of learning Mandarin as a subsequent language.