Testimonials & Reviews from parts around the Sacramento area

Beautiful facility and the absolute best most loving teachers I have ever been around. I am a mom who has undergone terrible depression and anxiety and even though I have survived through it, prying my daughter way from me has been the hardest thing I could ever do. Thank you knowledge Tree because my daughter RUNS to her teacher with love and excitement! I have never had that in my entire life thank you! You love my daughter with all of your beautiful warm hearts and for that I thank you for helping me out of my separation anxiety! I love you guys! Liliana & I love you!


I had both my sons here for a year. What an amazing experience! My eldest son was withdrawn and shy when he started their preschool program, but by the end of the year, he had absolutely blossomed into a confident and compassionate boy. He learned so much from his teachers! It really set him up nicely for kindergarten. They truly care about the children. Everything in the environment there is geared towards hands-on learning and nurturing the creativity of each child. I wish we could have continued going there – it was amazing! Can’t say enough good things!

-K Dilkey

Both of my children attended Knowledge Tree and we are very happy with the experience. The facility is clean and beautiful. My kids adore their teachers! My son was extremely active and had hard time sitting still at circle time. Teacher Sara and Erica were extremely patient with him and always used positive discipline to redirect him. We could see that the teachers really care and love the children. The daily activities were well prepared and both of my kids enjoyed learning. We had hard time getting them to leave the center at the end of the day. Now my son is at public school and we really miss the attention and care he has been getting at Knowledge Tree.

– Jane Y.

I looked at a lot of other pre-schools in the area before enrolling my son at Knowledge Tree Children’s Academy. I visited Knowledge Tree Children’s Academy in May even before it was opened and it always stood out in my mind and every other pre-school I visited I always compered it to Knowledge Tree Children’s Academy. It was my first choice from the first minute I walked in. I really like their program, it’s a bit different from other preschool programs but I believe it’s more effective and interesting to kids. Their Staff is fantastic!!! Their very professional and friendly, I really like their approach to the kids and parents. My son (as this was his first time away from me) was having a hard time, but the Director was amazing with him, very patient and sweet which helped him feel more relaxed. She then introduced him to his teacher and class friends, helped him feel more comfortable and willing to stay. Since my son has been at Knowledge Tree Children’s Academy every event that has been schedule has taken place. My son has often done outdoor water play and has been to the scheduled field trips. He loves to ride on school bus. As for the looks of the school, like the earlier reviewer said it looks AMAZING!!! Really like a miniature wonderland for kids. It is very clean, spacious and very well organized. Love the outdoor playground which is covered and keeps the kids out the sun hot and keeps their play structures cool

– Jadwiga H

Currently have my child going to pre k here and he loves it! I love it, I currently have my infant going to KinderCare and as soon as they open the infant program I’m switching him to knowledge tree it’s CLEAN, calm, and has an amazing staff! They have a kitchen, craft room, and always going on field trips the curriculum is outstanding he comes home telling me things I wouldn’t thing he would be learning yet it’s over all an amazing place. Crystal “front desk” is awesome and so much help! Oh! They also put together a Christmas performance at an elementary each class got on stage and performed in front of a full cafeteria of parents it was perfect! Thank you knowledge tree!

– Brandon C.

Our son had serious separation anxiety and after a at home day care called us to pick him up and that he could not return we immediately looked for another daycare. We we’re having a hard time ourselves with putting him in any child care because he was just so upset and would cry and wouldn’t want to even get in the car.. it was hard on everyone. That is until we enrolled Logan into Knowledge Tree.. all the teachers have been absolutely amazing especially his teacher Ms Tesla.. now we can drop him off and know he’ll have a great day with friends! And all the staff. His teacher is nothing less than a blessing without her amount of patience, love, care and compassion she has for all the children this transition would not have happened. Not to mention Alyssa and Crystal who run the front office they always so pleasant to speak with. Our son talks more and makes friends in a healthy environment.

– T S.

I found knowledge tree online and the first time I visited it I was impressed! I knew that knowledge tree was the perfect place for my son! I love that they do a lot of science and research. Everyone there was so friendly and helpful with me and my son. I felt at home the first time I came in the school. Krista was amazing and so accommodating to myself and my boy. I definitely recommend this school! Knowledge tree children’s academy is a wonderful place!

– Heather S.

I absolutely love this place! I was given a tour and my daughters absolutely fell in love with everything! The layout of the daycare is perfect. My 6 year old is a little shy and never likes to be away from me for any given amount of time, and takes a while for her to get used to anyone, but Ms. Krista was very patient with her and both my daughters absolutely love her. I think she has really done well with this place and had really dedicated her time into making The Knowledge Tree Academy is a wonderful place for children to learn. I can see that she really cares for the children and my daughters.

– Felicia A.

We could not be happier with this school! Our little guy has been thriving from the first day, and we’ve tried a few others that really left us wanting. He’s learning so much, but having so much fun! Knowledge Tree Children’s Academy.

– DeDe Cordell

This place is GREAT! The atmosphere is very pleasant and safe and the center is very organized, clean and just a fun place to be! Ms. Krista, the Director, is doing an excellent job! All the teachers are wonderful! I will definitely recommend this place for quality child care and a learning center! KEEP UP the GOOD WORK!!!

-DavidDaphen Buck

My son has always been shy and had trouble making friends. We were a bit anxious about sending him to Knowledge Tree at first because we thought the other kids might overwhelm him. But turns out I had absolutely nothing to worry about! He came home from his first day beaming and told me how he had a great time playing with his new friends. The center is really clean and beautiful. We are just very happy that my son could feel comfortable at school and make new friends.

-Max Wilson