Nutritious Tasty Meals

We understand that it’s very hard to balance taste, nutrition, and variety when feeding the children. That is why our director and assistant director work hard to design the menu. They’re also mothers, and they know how to make changes so children will actually eat the balanced food we provide. A morning snack will be served around 9 am and afternoon snack at around 2:30 pm after they’ve had their lunch around 11:30. We serve family-style meals to help children develop social skills, try new foods by allowing them to feel in control of their eating. We welcome parents to bring their own food, or we try the best to accommodate any particular diet. We are also a nut-free center to protect the children who have allergies.

Our Monthly Lunch + Snack Menu

In addition to our monthly menus, part of our curriculum involves a hands-on cultural experience by making and sharing the foods of one another’s culture. Through this enriching experience, children are able to explore the unique cultures of their peers in a healthy, home-like environment.

Our Monthly Menus